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At AFA Systems we are passionate about property water conservation, with the main goal of reducing water waste and the subsequence result of saving property owners and municipalities water treatment expenses. We work closely to develop a programs that will assist municipalities with residential water conservation. Through the utilization of the AquaTrip System, we work with city planners and preferred contractors to implement tax rebate program similar to the successful national new toilet rebate program. Similar to a properties water meter, which is designed to detect to amount of what used by a property. The AquaTrip is a low cost "smart valve" installed on a homes main water line. If the preprogrammed time limit of continuous water flow is exceeded, the water will shut off, alerting the home owner of wate waste. Water waste caused by dripping faucets, running toilets, unknown water line leaks and burst water lines are all detected by the award winning water conservation system. The government of Canada estimates that 25% of homes have an unknown water leak that goes undetected and ultimately waste millions of litres of treated drinking water. Together we can save our most presious natural resource and reduce our water treatment expenditures.