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Citizen Group
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We are a group of people with disabilities and allies! We have been around Calgary, Alberta, Canada since 1998. www.actionhall.ca

To learn more about our history, download our booklet written in 2002.

  What we do 
We work towards a better Alberta for everyone. We do this by telling our stories, taking action and changing lives! Anyone can be a member at the Hall. The Hall is run by a group of self-advocates and allies. We have weekly meetings and we also have smaller groups to work on things that are important to us. - Brochure August 2013   We are very big on collaborations. Some of our collaborations we currenlty work with include,    The DisArts Collective (Disability Cultre and the Arts)  Fair Fares (Affordable Public Transportation)  Fair Calgary Community Voices (Affordable, Accessible City Servivces and Subsidies)  Calgary Ability Network (Poverty Reduction) The Right to Love (Education and Awareness for the Right to Love)  Calgary Domestic Violence Collective, Disablility Advisory to Domestic Violence (Safety and Domestic Violence Networking, Education and Outreach) Poverty Talks Envision the Future Community  Albertans Advocating for Change Together  (Provincial Self-Advocacy Network)  PDD Advisory (Advisory to the Provincial Government)    We love doing presentations, talks, sharing the workload and supporting a better Alberta for everyone. Please contact us if you want to learn more, work with us or just meet!