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At present we exist as an idea only.  In Novemeber 2013 an Aviva Community Fund grant proposal was submitted for Calgary called Edible Calgary - Community Orchards.  If successful the grant could bring between $100000 and $150000 into Calgary, for the purpose of planting fruit-bearing trees and shrubs in public spaces and effectively creating community orchards throughout neighbourhoods and communities in Calgary.  This is about sustainability, permaculture, growing local and eating local.

This proposal will only go forward with community support; only ideas that are voted for by their respective communities will advance in the running for funding.  Part of the preliminary voting process requires the promotion of ideas within the community and I could sure use some help getting the word out to Calgary.  An overview of the grant proposal can be viewed at http://www.avivacommunityfund.org/ideas/acf18997 .  The last round of voting opens November 11th and closes November 25th 2013.  If you would be interested in discussing this further feel free to contact me by phone 403 453 3736 or by email.  If we don't get it this year then maybe next year.
Jeremy McIvor