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Community Development
Organization Description: 

Enactus is an International student organization that brings together student, academic, and business leaders to harness the power of social entrepreneurship and improve the quality of life and standard of living for people in need. There are over 66,000 Enactus students around the globe spanning 1500 campuses.

Enactus Mount Royal is a student led, and student driven organization that is improving the quality of life for the individuals in which our programs impact. During these programs, Enactus Mount Royal is helping to develop student leaders within our team, and across the Mount Royal campus. Enactus Mount Royal consists of 50 students who in the last year contributed over 6500 volunteer hours within our community, which led to impacting over 3000 individuals in our community.


Enactus Mount Royal is currently running 7 programs. 

EmpowerU: Enactus Mount Royal working for disadvantged women and former sex trade workers to empoer these women with financial literacy and job skills to help successfully transition these women back into society.

ReCreate: Enactus Mount Royal are teaching elementary school children grades 4-6 about the importance of the environment, entrepreneurship and being socially concious citizens. Students take everyday waste, and upcycle them into new innovative products which are then sold, with all the profits going to a local charity. 

Project High River: Following the devastating floods of 2013, there was a significant need to help High River business owners. Enactus Mount Royal fulfilled the short term need of getting customers and capital to stay afloat through a christmas shopping trip, and a summer Artisans Market, which is currently being run. Long term, we are working to provide busines owners with workshops and hands on business advice.

Blueprint4Life: This summer Enactus Mount Royal piloting our program, which works with with at-risk youth to teach them entrepreneurship and life skills. New research has shown that at-risk youth make great entrepreneurs, and we hope to unleash their potential

Aboriginal Community Empowerment (ACE): This summer Enactus Mount Royal has partnered with the campus aboriginal student centre to pilot a program that will teach aboriginal post secondary students financial literacy and job skills to help them excell after post secondary.

SEED: Enactus Mount Royal has completed its initial research stage, and is now working to fulfill a need in the community to provide farmers with basic business skills that will help them improve their farms business operations.

CoffeeCupRecycling: Enactus Mount Royal has identified a major need within Mount Royal University and the City of Calgary to provide a viable alternative to throwing coffee cups into the garbage. This project is currently in the research stages of developing a realistic solution.