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Arts and Heritage
Organization Description: 

Evergreen proudly offers curriculum-based musical theatre touring shows and artist-in-residency programs for schools, as well as custom workshops, presentations, and activities for conferences and organizations nation wide. Beyond that, we also provide  commissioned works for zoos, science centres, museums, and corporations.


Evergreen Mission

To create distinctive, dynamic theatrical programming that explores pertinent topics through the arts, and leaves our audience feeling connected, inspired and empowered with science and the natural world.

Distinctive Excellence

Evergreen Theatre...

  1. Creates and produces award-winning curriculum-based performing arts programming
  2. Inspires other professionals through our dynamic arts-integrated programming.
  3. Delivers affordable and accessible educational theatre.
  4. Promotes scientific literacy and the development of critical thinking skills.
  5. Inspires audiences to become responsible, global citizens.
  6. Engages audiences and makes learning fun.
  7. Demonstrates innovative and resourceful methods in all operations.

 Organization Values

  • Life-long Learning and Empowerment
  • Personal Reflection and Growth
  • Positive Experiences
  • Collaboration, Creativity and Innovation
  • Social Responsibility
  • Integrity and Respect
  • Accessibility
  • Communication

The 2010/2011 Season was Evergreen Theatre's 20th Anniversary. Since its inception in 1991, Evergreen has grown from a small, grass roots organization into a widely respected Theatre for Young Audiences company that tours across Alberta and internationally.


During the past 20 years Evergreen Theatre has striven to edify generations of children who would grow up with an understanding that their planet was in jeopardy due to human actions. Now 20 years later, this awareness finally exists at a global consciousness level. The "go green" movement has permeated all facets of business, government and education.

Evergreen Theatre celebrates this new level of awareness, however we view it as the first of many steps towards an eco-friendly culture. Our focus has shifted. Now we not only work to foster awareness but to offer tangible solutions, utilizing the theatrical medium to educate children, adults and families about the countless small actions that, when added together, can drastically alter the fate of our planet.

As we enter our 20th year, Evergreen Theatre endeavors to continue to cultivate in our audiences a deep love of planet earth.

In the end we will conserve only what we love. 
We will love only what we understand. 
We will understand only what we are taught. 
-Baba Didum