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Sector or Industry: 
-- Citizen/Community Groups --
Organization Description: 

Mission: Build the financial literacy and grow the assets of low-income Calgarians

How: Collective action and systems change

The network currently engages 100 community members committed to asset building and financial literacy as efficient poverty reduction tools. We hold representatives from all the banks, great community organizations, the private sector, and the Alberta government.

5 Action Teams

  • Asset Building Team: Helping low income Calgarians save money and build assets.
  • FL Education Team: Building the capacity of front-line staff to deliver financial literacy services.
  • Engagement Team: Generating awareness and engagement in financial literacy as an essential skill.
  • Banked In Team: Increasing accesses to mainstream financial services and products.
  • Integration Team: developing a continuum of complementary financial literacy and asset-building supports and services.

Highlights from 2012

  • 100 members, 5 action teams and a multi-sectoral stewardship group established
  • Heavily attended Financial Literacy fair at the DPL and sold-out high profile speakers event executed during FL Month 2012
  • Collaborations with the Alberta Asset Building Collaborative (Edmonton) in influencing the Social Policy Framework
  • Acted as a ‘constellation’ of the CPRI and contributed recommendations to the strategy development
  • Partnering to develop a symposium on Municipal Strategies for Financial Empowerment, and partnering in hosting the national Asset Building Learning Exchange in Nov 2013
  • Potentially integrating financial literacy facilitation skills into UofC’s Social Work curriculum
  • Developing a Banking tool for service providers to use while aiding the under-banked
  • Much more!