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Green Event Services is a one-stop solution for forward thinking event greening solutions. Our mission is to motivate and enable social change, in order to create a clean and sustainable future. Establishing positive customer relationships is among our highest priority, as we believe that symbiotic relationships are key to a healthy community. We will inspire a new generation of responsible community leaders to think globally and act locally by showcasing our event services as solutions to larger environmental challenges. We have solutions for all aspects of event organization and operations:


Comprehensive Waste Diversion Solutions - Simple and effective waste, recycling, and compost bins with signage that allow users to easily determine what goes where. Integrated hauling services takes care of waste from start to finish. Post event clean-up services leave the venue cleaner than you found it.


Waste Reduction Strategies - Procurement of reusable or compostable dishware. Collection and washing services allow for a large reduction of waste produced by an event with food service.


Alternative Transport Solutions - Secure and easy-to-use bike parking options. Bike valet or self-serve options. Cargo bike fleet rental to facilitate event operations with people moving, load hauling, and advertising space.


Clean Temporary Power Solutions - Emission free, silent, and reliable temporary power generators that can be integrated to effectively work as hybrid systems with existing power infrastructure. Solar, wind, and people power can be linked to provide power to stages, vendors and event lighting.