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Organization Description: 

1.       The Company

Hamel’s Mushrooms is a home-based business, managed part-time by Malika Hamel, along with her husband as a partner, and part-time assistance from friends.  The company is registered in Calgary, Alberta under the name Hamels Mushroom Corporate.

The Manager Malika Hamel has obtained her Master’s Degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Algeria She has always been interested in growing mushrooms, and has extensive familiarity and experience from her involvement with her family’s business VavaliChampi  which has been operating in Algeria for 10 years.

Type of Business:

Malika has brought her passion and knowledge about mushrooms together with a new idea to recycle used coffee grounds generated daily by local coffee consumers.  The idea is turning your own kitchen or home into an urban micro farm, producing fresh, gourmet, and nutritious Pearl Oyster mushrooms for yourself.  The product is a kit with step-by-step instructions for producing multiple flushes of Pearl Oyster variety mushrooms in your own home, with no prior experience necessary. 

The kits are produced in a natural process that also uses and recycles used coffee grounds, and thus prevents them from entering City of Calgary landfills.  In this way, Hamel’s Mushrooms is also providing a service of collection and reuse of coffee grounds, turning waste into wages and a local source of nutritious food.

Future Plans (vision) :

Inspired by the ideas of sustainability and social enterprise; to make a profit while addressing social issues such as reducing our environmental impact, and growing in a sustainable and responsible manner.

1)     Expand to a local commercial location for larger production of kits sustained year-round and profitable.  Develop and strengthen resale partner relationships, and increase marketing efforts.

2)     Expand variety of kits and specialty mushroom products and services

3)     Create and integrate new related business or collaborate with existing local businesses to address the full-cycle sustainability of this business such as; other recycling services, composting and mulching products and services, worm farming, etc.

4) Create a reproducible system that can be franchised and implemented in other communities