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Community Association
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The City of Calgary annexed this area in 1910 to accomodate our growing city. The Killarney Glengarry Community Association was chartered in 1950. We have 6800 residents with 3500 dwellings. We have 2 elementary schools and 2 churches in our neighbourhood. Our business community is well established and lively. The Community became a hub of activity after WWll when soldiers returned from the war. They were eager to rebuild their lives and to raise families. We are grateful that they planted trees that have become one of our greatest assets. We are in the inner city and therefore close to everything We have great neighbours who are engaged in the community. The neighbourhood is continuing our ongoing redevelopment. We are working with developers collaboratively with a view to welcoming the new while we preserve our treasured 100 year old character.  We have a lively and committed group of people who are dedicated to making us better than we are.