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Community Association
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Krowns Board Game Cafe is a niche new Hangout spot and Cafe for young adults being introduced to Calgary. Board Game Cafes are a unique new industry popularized in Asia but never before introduced in Calgary or Alberta. Our cafe/social club will feature a shelf of over 2000 board games, unique selection of teas and coffees, and a specific selection of food and beverages targeting our young adult population. Located in a central location in the city by the c-train we will charge a five dollar cover charge for access to unlimited playing of our games for the day with your friends, and we will promote mingling and development of new social connections and interactions; whilst being sponsored by Calgary Mental Health Association, along with other organizations in the community. As a leader in promoting Community social interaction and involvement we are also heavy promoters of independent artists in Calgary and will feature new art each and every month. The purpose of Krowns Board Game Cafe is first and foremost to facilitate social interaction- people come for the social aspect rather than for the board games or coffee/tea themselves.