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Community Development
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Economic crisis. Climate change. Endemic poverty. Social injustice.
The old paradigm is failing…

Ecopreneurs. Social innovation. Green jobs. Systems thinking.
It’s up to us to create new opportunities for our collective future.
The Meaningful Work Project offers interactive, experiential workshops that
connect careers and calling.

Our dialogue-based educational programs help individuals and communities progress toward living within resilient ecosystems and a thriving local economy. Incorporating an interdisciplinary approach that includes participatory dialogue and systems thinking, we design, develop and implement custom learning opportunities.

The Meaningful Work Project has four main offerings:

1. Experiential educational program for individuals seeking meaningful work that sustains people and ecosystem integrity.

The Meaningful Work Retreat is our capstone program.

We also offer targeted workshops and presentations specifically aimed at organizations, conferences, and groups of professionals. Please contact us for more information and to create a custom program.

2. Storytelling as a source of inspiration. The Trailblazers Series showcases inspiring stories of individuals living into their own stories of meaningful work, and showing a broad spectrum of what is possible.

3. Community of Practice: Creating a stronger sense of community and support for individuals who are interested in pursuing work of service to people and planet is a key priority of the Meaningful Work Project. We are striving to create a stronger community of practice, a group of colleagues who are actively supporting each other in working for change. Through programs such as the LifeJAM, a group coaching-style process that supports social innovators, we strive to encourage seekers of meaningful work to feel more confident and empowered to pursue their goals.

4. Academic research: Through her Master’s thesis, Meaningful Work Project founder Alla Guelber also incorporated academic research into the project, looking at the lived experience of past and current workshop participants and developing effective programming for the future.