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Health and Wellness
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This research project, entitled “Effects of designated special natural places on human wellness, experience, and values” is being completed as part of the requirements for a PhD in the Interdisciplinary Graduate Program at the University of Calgary.   This research will examine the therapeutic effects of experiences in nature on human health and wellness, and on the connection with the natural world people feel after nature experiences.   About the researcher:   Don Carruthers Den Hoed, PhD (candidate) is a graduate student in the Interdisciplinary Graduate Program at the University of Calgary and is the Public Engagement and Inclusion Team Lead for Alberta Parks – Kananaskis.   His previous Masters Degree examined the inclusion of persons with disabilities in parks and informed Alberta Parks’ Inclusion Plan.   His current Interdisciplinary PhD work is co-housed in Environmental Design, Education, Social Work, and Medicine and aims for a better understanding of the effects of experiencing nature in parks, public lands, and special sites on health, connection to nature, and stewardship.