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Oil and Gas
Organization Description:   Canadian Company - Est. 1998   PhilECO LTD. Interdisciplinary Solutions to Assess and Manage Regulatory and Environmental Risk.   By integrating biophysical sciences, socio-economics and cultural disciplines PhilEco has developed a holistic and strategic approach to understanding complex issues for Sustainable Development.   Thank you for choosing PhilEco RFPs welcomed via email.   Company History:  PhilEco Ltd. is an environmental and regulatory consulting company.  It was established as a sole proprietorship in 1998 and incorporated in 2010.  For project history please see for CV of Jeffrey M. Rempel, M.Sc., PMP, EP   "Sustainability is a journey toward enhanced understanding of the complex dynamic relationship between social, economic and environmental considerations with the goal of minimizing negative impacts and promoting benefits to people and the planet." - Jeff Rempel, President - PhilEco Environmental Consulting Ltd.