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Community Development
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Safer Calgary is a network of diverse organizations and individuals who share a common interest in actively promoting community safety.

Safer Calgary is currently focusing on a long term initiative Safe and Smooth: A Better Road Forward for Calgary.  The goal of this initiative is to engage diverse communities, community members and other stakeholders in addressing the issue of traffic and transportation in Calgary with a view to changing the present paradigm from that of a car-centered city to a people-centered city.

The initiative involves a unique collaboration with the NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands.  The entire senior class of spatial/mobility design students carry out projects with Calgary as their single focus.  The students are led by professor and Dutch traffic expert Paul Van de Coevering.

The Safe and Smooth Symposium and Public Event in the spring are an opportunity to highlight the work of Breda University students, hear from international experts about how Calgary can plan for a future where we can move people safely using all modes of transportation.  It also includes an event to involve community members in both discussion and action to deal with issues identified.