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Community Association
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The Triwood Community Assocation represents the three communities of Collingwood, Charleswood and Foothill Estates in the Northwest of Calgary.

Our mission is to be the Heart of the Community through promoting and increasing access to active healthy lifestyle options. Our programs are designed to meet the diverse needs and interests of our community members, engaging children, adults and seniors through art programs, fitness classes, sports teams, weekly social gathers and much more. Currently we are focusing much of our energy on growing our Summer Market to increase local food security, providing our residents with easy access to fresh and healthy food. We're also in the preliminary stages of starting our very own community garden to help share the benefits of home grown food as well as the benefits of getting our hands dirty, creating a healthy relationship with the land. 

As we work towards our mission of being the Heart of the Community, we want to ensure that we are doing it in the most conscious and efficient ways possible. As we trek into the future we hope to leave behind a legacy of smart growth, increasing sustainability and social cohesion for our residents to make Triwood one of the most wholesome communities in Calgary.