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Who we are:


Vivacity is all about students collaborating with their communities and the City of Calgary to generate innovative solutions to underutilized spaces. These solutions are intended to foster a sense of local stewardship and create a lasting impact on Calgarians and our communities. We believe in taking action by fighting for cultural, economic, and social sustainability within our city. Vivacity is championing the growth of the relationships of post-secondary students through cross-institutional cooperation to build a better Calgary.




Our main goal is to create economical, social, cultural and environmental sustainable solutions for underutilized spaces throughout Calgary.


Our Mission and Timeline:


In the short term, we are holding an upcoming event on November 12 & 13 called the ‘24 Hour Challenge’, where during 24 hours straight, students from institutions across the city come together with mentors, industry and community leaders to create ideas and ways in which we can better improve underutilized spaces within our city in the neighbourhoods of Currie Barracks, Scenic Acres, Montgomery, Bowness and Crossroads.


Looking into the long term we hope to build brand awareness for Vivacity though two Social Innovation classes offered at Mount Royal University, in which they will carry our Vivacity brand and legacy forward. Furthermore, we have a goal of creating a full program in 2016 which will enable students to come together for a full semester in which they will carry out the plans that were created during the 24 Hour Challenge and create more ways to innovate unused spaces within the city as well as capture community and public interest.



We are reaching out to you because we believe you are a like-minded organization that values community and inspires innovation and change within our city. We would love to have your support because it would not only benefit the communities and the city that we serve but also bring more awareness to both of our brands and causes. Likewise, with your permission, we will mention your support across our social media channels and website (, which is becoming popular with students, mentors and the communities involved.