Street Store YYC

givoco, in partnership with the Alpha House Society, Calgary Mustard Seed, Drop In Centre and the Calgary Homeless foundation worked together to host the first Street Store event in Calgary as part of the Giving Tuesday movement. Volunteers and clients of the Alpha house put up over 200 posters around town to get clothing donations from the public and to raise awareness for the homeless about this event.

Over 60 bags of clothes were donated including many new and unworn items! The team at X929 collected enough bags of clothing to fill a small Volvo and employees at 8 ATB branches across the city all gave towards the cause filling the inside and bed of a pickup truck!

The Street Store YYC was held inside a vacant store at Eau Claire Market. Volunteers gathered at 8am to set up and get ready for the big day. We were scheduled to open our doors at 11am but at 10:30 there was a lineup outside so we opened early.Throughout the day we had over 200 guests shop at the Street Store YYC.

In a city like Calgary, where the cost of living is increasingly high it can be easy to find yourself without a home.  Struggles such as divorce, moving to a new city, family, age, medical conditions, and being laid off work are just a few of the reasons why people find themselves homeless. At the Street Store YYC, over 200 guests received items that they needed to get through another Calgary winter. From new coats, gloves, hats, socks, blankets, pants and shoes people left the Street Store thankful for everything they received.

For more information visist: Click on the Impact tab to see the positive impact this event had! 

100 Year Goals and Targets

Meaning, purpose and connectedness

Target 101
By 2036, 90 per cent of citizens agree that “Calgary is a city with soul,” which is defined as citizens having meaning and purpose in life and experiencing ongoing feelings of connectedness with some form of human, historic or natural system.
Target 112
By 2010, 90 per cent of Calgarians agree that there is a strong sense of community in Calgary, and at least 80 per cent of Calgarians report high levels of satisfaction, sense of belonging, attachment and civic pride.
Target 114
By 2010, at least 75 per cent of Calgarians report that they volunteer for the benefit of others who are outside their circles of family and friends.

Recent Milestones


Donations for Personal Care Items
Feb 02, 2014

We realized that homeless need more than just warm clothes so we sought to raise $500 to buy personal care items like toothpaste, toothbrushes, lip balm, soap, feminine hygiene products and more. Through an active and engaging social media campaign we surpassed our goal and raised $1293 - that's 259% of our goal!


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