Pathways 2 Sustainability Calgary 2013

Pathways 2 Sustainability (P2S) is an interactive conference experience that bridges knowledge to experience and is designed to nurture knowledge transfer and learning. This is the place to be exposed to innovation and leadership, while fostering relationships and incubating sustainable solutions for Alberta’s communities! Pathways is hosted in a different city each year and we are proud to call Calgary home to Pathways 2013 as we explore the multiple dimensions of prosperity and Calgary’s ambitions to be a sustainable city. With the collective support of our Host Sponsors; TELUS Spark, the City of Calgary and Sustainable Resources Ltd., over 20 volunteer steering committee members from across the region, and our Sponsors and Partners. This year’s conference is going to set the bar for future years. Pathways is a must attend experience for industry and municipal sustainability

Community, Culture and Commerce

The inspiration the conference theme comes from the vision, goals and needs identified in collaboration with host community champions and leaders. The conference theme for 2013 primarily emerged as an exploration of imagineCalgary (the Sustainability Plan for Calgary) and the elements of Community, Culture, and Commerce that contribute to the vision of sustainability for the “economic capital of Canada”. These elements include aspects of the built environment; how we shape and design our communities; the energy, water and waste we consume; innovative ways to create liveable spaces; celebrating and enabling opportunities for cultural expression; and the role of industry and commerce in shaping the green economy.

100 Year Goals and Targets


Target 3
By 2036, Calgarians increase their use of communications technology to support sustainability.
Target 5
By 2036, 30 per cent of Calgary’s energy derives from low-impact renewable sources.
Target 6
By 2036, all new and retrofitted communities, buildings, vehicles, equipment and processes are built to be within five per cent of the highest energy-efficient design available out of all economically competitive products, as measured on a life cycle basis.
Target 9
By 2036, 100 per cent of Calgary’s food supply derives from sources that practice sustainable food production.
Target 12
By 2016, Calgary has a strong and diverse portfolio of locally based businesses.
Target 14
By 2036, we are developing “complete communities” that, among other aspects, allow people to obtain daily goods and services within a reasonable walking distance from home.
Target 15
By 2036, all new commercial buildings are designed to encourage the use of alternative forms of transportation (e.g. walking, cycling and transit).
Target 16
By 2036, all new and retrofitted non-residential buildings are built to be within five per cent of the highest energy- and water-efficient design available out of all economically competitive products, as measured on a life cycle basis.
Target 18
By 2016, we are developing “complete communities” that enable people to meet most of their daily needs within a reasonable walking distance from home.
Target 31
By 2036, 85 per cent of the waste generated within Calgary is diverted from landfills.
Target 33
By 2036, 85 per cent of waste materials are converted to other useful products.

Economic well-being

Target 35
By 2036, the number of environmentally sustainable and commercially viable value-added products and technologies produced in Calgary increases by 100 per cent.
Target 36
By 2036, Calgary’s non-oil-related industries grow by 50 per cent.
Target 37
By 2036, Calgary is ranked as the most favourable Canadian city in which to establish businesses that support sustainability practices.
Target 39
By 2036, alternative ways to measure economic well-being are commonly used to support sustainability principles in decision-making.


Target 68
By 2036, the use of low-impact renewable energy increases by 30 per cent as a percentage of total energy use.
Target 82
By 2036, effective impervious areas are reduced equal to or below 30 per cent to restore natural hydrograph and become less susceptible to flooding.

Lifelong learning

Target 99
By 2016, 100 per cent of adult Calgarians have access to a full range of formal and informal quality learning opportunities and resource options that allow them to achieve their full potentials in life.
Target 102
By 2036, 100 per cent of Calgarians report that they feel respected and supported in their pursuits of meaning, purpose and connectedness, and that they extend respect and support to others who meet this need in ways different from their own.
Target 112
By 2010, 90 per cent of Calgarians agree that there is a strong sense of community in Calgary, and at least 80 per cent of Calgarians report high levels of satisfaction, sense of belonging, attachment and civic pride.


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