Intro to YYC Gardening

Learn how to garden through an online course, Intro to YYC Gardening, that offers handcrafted videos teaching the essentials of gardening week by week for the whole summer. Learn at your own pace - the classroom is your backyard, patio or balcony. Share progress and enjoy updates from friends and neighbours who are also gardening - connect to a social, interactive community of gardeners online and in hands-on workshops to share skills, tips, tools and the occasional zuke.

100 Year Goals and Targets


Target 7
By 2036, Calgarians support local food production.
Target 8
By 2036, Calgary maintains access to reliable and quality food sources.

Land and soil

Target 73
By 2036, sustainable urban food production increases to five per cent.
Target 75
By 2036, there is zero per cent new soil contamination.
Target 74
By 2036, the consumption of urban- and regionally produced food by Calgarians increases to 30 per cent.
Target 78
By 2036, native biological diversity increases to healthy levels, as measured through Habitat Suitability Index indices and local key indicator species.
Target 80
By 2036, per capita water consumption is reduced by 40 per cent.

Aesthetic enjoyment

Target 85
By 2036, 90 per cent of citizens report that Calgary is a beautiful city.


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