Collective Urban Farm Sales and CSA

YYC Growers and Distributors are a collective of about 10 farms, 1 bakery, and 1 fruit vendor that will be sharing market tables at two farmers markets this year. The group works at increasing local food production by growing vegetables right in Calgary. We are also selling CSA Farm Shares to 75 families that will be distributed through the farmers markets.

100 Year Goals and Targets


Target 7
By 2036, Calgarians support local food production.
Target 8
By 2036, Calgary maintains access to reliable and quality food sources.
Target 9
By 2036, 100 per cent of Calgary’s food supply derives from sources that practice sustainable food production.
Target 10
By 2010, 100 per cent of Calgarians have access to nutritious foods.
Target 11
By 2036, over 50 per cent of Calgary businesses adopt a protocol for sustainable practices and report on it regularly.
Target 12
By 2016, Calgary has a strong and diverse portfolio of locally based businesses.
Target 13
By 2036, all Calgarians consume more responsibly.
Target 14
By 2036, we are developing “complete communities” that, among other aspects, allow people to obtain daily goods and services within a reasonable walking distance from home.
Target 22
By 2036, we reduce the annual private vehicle kilometres travelled per capita by 20 per cent.

Economic well-being

Target 35
By 2036, the number of environmentally sustainable and commercially viable value-added products and technologies produced in Calgary increases by 100 per cent.
Target 36
By 2036, Calgary’s non-oil-related industries grow by 50 per cent.


Target 67
By 2036, energy consumption is reduced by 30 per cent based on 1999 use.
Target 73
By 2036, sustainable urban food production increases to five per cent.
Target 74
By 2036, the consumption of urban- and regionally produced food by Calgarians increases to 30 per cent.
Target 77
By 2036, Calgary’s ecological footprint decreases to below the 2001 Canadian average of 7.25 hectares per capita.

Aesthetic enjoyment

Target 85
By 2036, 90 per cent of citizens report that Calgary is a beautiful city.
Target 90
By 2036, all Calgarians live in a safe and clean natural environment, as measured by the quality of its air, water, soil and food sources, plus by the lack of exposure to toxic waste.
Target 91
By 2036, 95 per cent of Calgarians enjoy positive and supportive living conditions, as reflected by adequate income; high rates of employment; adequate food and appropriate nutrition; appropriate, adequate and affordable housing; and high levels of personal safety.
Target 92
By 2036, 95 per cent of Calgarians receive sufficient information and support to maintain and improve their health and foster their independence at all ages and stages of life.
Target 94
By 2036, the incidences of preventable illness, injury and premature death are significantly reduced.
Target 101
By 2036, 90 per cent of citizens agree that “Calgary is a city with soul,” which is defined as citizens having meaning and purpose in life and experiencing ongoing feelings of connectedness with some form of human, historic or natural system.
Target 112
By 2010, 90 per cent of Calgarians agree that there is a strong sense of community in Calgary, and at least 80 per cent of Calgarians report high levels of satisfaction, sense of belonging, attachment and civic pride.


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